Australian woman allowed to use dead husband's sperm in IVF

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It is not very often you see men
like my guy - he was stronger than three men
brave and clever, a sexual demon -
but he died, and I have to affirm
that I'm wanting his wonderful sperm.

For we'd recently taken to schemin',
cos for years we'd been hoping and dreamin'
for a kid - we don't mind all the screamin' -
but in order to carry to term,
I require his remarkable sperm.

Well, I hope you don't think I'm blasphemin',
but my God, his poor testes were teemin'
with his potent and plentiful semen -
oh, just think how they squiggle and squirm
those miraculous, marvellous sperm!

So, as crazy as this might be seemin',
I went straight to the courts, to the plea men
for assistance - and soon I was beamin'.
Oh, what joy to hear judges confirm:
I can store that sensational sperm.