World War One grenade among potatoes at Hong Kong crisp factory

It was nineteen fifteen, and you know what that means;
In a festering trench, far from Mother,
Some poor little shit, either German or Brit
Was fighting for something or other.

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Australian woman allowed to use dead husband's sperm in IVF

It is not very often you see men
like my guy - he was stronger than three men
brave and clever, a sexual demon -
but he died, and I have to affirm
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Afghanistan's only pig quarantined in flu fear

I'm just a solitary swine, a
bit surprised to end up here;
a gift from far away in China
not a cause of fright nor fear.

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Australian man wrestles kangaroo intruder

In the Canberra night, all seemed quiet, or not quite -
whilst Beat Ettlin was settling in bed
in his Bond's underwear, an intruder prepared
an attack that would fill him with dread.

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Cow urine drink set to launch

My drink will beat all other drinks
(or so this hard-line Hindu thinks).
It packs a special punch - and how?
It's pre-digested by a cow.
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