Woman Sneaks Into Prison for Sex

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It's grim when you're a prisoner
with no way to get laid.
So one guy summonsed Tiffany
to bring illegal aid.

She posed as his attorney, and
they sent her to his cell.
His penal code was winding up;
the plan was going well.

And soon the fake solicitor
was taking down her briefs,
as plaintiffly he pleaded for
ancillary relief.

She took down his particulars,
demure in her demeanour,
remanded him in custody
and fondled his subpoenas.

But prison guards were watching and
they started to exclaim, as
he told her to bind over, prior
to entering her chambers.

It came as quite a shock to them;
it put them in a spin.
They're used to inmates breaking out
not bed-mates breaking in.

They served an intervention: "Cease!"
they cried, "and please desist."
Suspending panted sentences,
the love-case was dismissed.

If the sweethearts only realised that
their motions were observed!
His testors were intestate for
his discharge was unserved.

Alas, their lustful judgement day
will never come to pass.
They've charged her with soliciting;
she's locked behind the Bars.