German bus driver objects to passenger's breasts

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Your huge, heaving honkers
are turning me bonkers;
I gape like a guppy
when perving your puppies;
your bulging bazookas
might leave us all snookered;
your J-cup cajungas
are truly humungous;
I'm losing control as
I lech at your lolas;
it's tricky to stop as
I'm watching your whoppers;
entranced by your titties,
my driving is shitty;
your pneumatic knockers
are rear-vision blockers;
your wondrous wangers
will cause us to prang, as
I just hit a scooter
whilst eyeing your hooters,


It has to be stressed:
your breasts are a pest.
So here's a request:
I think that it's best
to put on a vest
and shirt, and the rest
and then, when you're dressed,
I'd like to suggest:
Skedaddle! Go West!
for no-one's impressed
by pendulous breasts,