Couple Plans Wedding, Then Harry Potter

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I've planned for months for Saturday
the day I grow from girl to wife.
It will be, so my friends all say,
the greatest day of all my life.
I just can't sleep, I'm so excited;
Hubs and I will be united.
More important - I'm delighted
Harry Potter's out that night.

We'll read our vows, exchange our rings
and waltz through our reception ball;
then on to really vital things:
the bookstore at the shopping mall.
I need to find out whether Ron
and Grainger ever get it on,
if Dumbledore is really gone
and whether Snape is wrong or right.

So cast aside that dress and veil!
I shan't give those a second thought.
I need to know - will Harry fail,
or will he vanquish Voldemort?
My love, here's what would make me swoon: a
night with Ginny, Nev and Luna.
That's my kind of honeymoon - a
proper Potter wedding night.

Is that alright?