Messy room got him shot, kid says

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Some teens don't pass their homework tasks;
some teens don't clean the loo,
carouse until the early hours
then sleep til half past two.

I guess I might forgive that stuff-
although it isn't nice -
but, if this pad's not spick and span,
you're gonna pay the price.

The table top is coffee-stained,
the hairbrush full of hairs.
The piles of socks have run amok
and none of them are pairs.

The homework's strewn across the room
with gay abandon. Lord! A
pox upon the punk who left
the pages out of order!

That plate down there - beneath the chair -
has decomposing mush on.
I must confess, that kind of mess
has rotten repurcussions.

The duvet's stained, the sheets aren't ironed -
there's simply no defence.
And stinky shreddies on the bed's
a capital offence.

The coffee's spilled, the linen filled
with cigarette-end burns.
I've absolutely got to shoot,
cos pal, you've got to learn.

There's half-drunk milkshake on the desk
congealing in the sun.
I'm sad to say, that shit can't stay:
I'm gonna get my gun.