Bank Robber Dressed As A Tree Caught In N.H.

When robbing a bank, there's so much that's been done
like black balaclavas, or toting a gun.
I'm sure you'll agree with me, too, when I say
that stockings on heads are so very passé.

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Cows say 'I moo' in pet wedding

They met as they ate in the meadow -
they both shared a fondness for cud.
His moo made her rumen
do backflips; she knew then
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Knut, the baby polar bear at Berlin zoo

Knut! Knut! Oh sweet Knut!
Rejected-at-the teat Knut!
Since Goldilocks first broke her chair,
a porridge-eating baby bear
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Brother, can you spare a bride?

A bridegroom arrived to be wed
whilst pickled and out of his head.
The bride took one look
and said, "Sling your hook -
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Woman Sneaks Into Prison for Sex

It's grim when you're a prisoner
with no way to get laid.
So one guy summonsed Tiffany
to bring illegal aid.

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