Monkey Flies from Peru to New York Unnoticed

Ensure your seatbelt's fastened, Sir;
you needn't make it tight.
The trolley's coming past, and Sir,
relax, enjoy your flight.

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Messy room got him shot, kid says

Some teens don't pass their homework tasks;
some teens don't clean the loo,
carouse until the early hours
then sleep til half past two.

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Couple Plans Wedding, Then Harry Potter

I've planned for months for Saturday
the day I grow from girl to wife.
It will be, so my friends all say,
the greatest day of all my life.
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German bus driver objects to passenger's breasts

Your huge, heaving honkers
are turning me bonkers;
I gape like a guppy
when perving your puppies;
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Garlic 'may cut cow flatulence'

Forget about carbon; forget about trees;
forget about ozone; forget CFCs;
forget about doing your washing on thirty;
forget about compost - it's stinky and dirty;
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